October 14, 2002: Time capsule

A beautiful autumnal day lured me to Oita Sport Park.
The members of Oita Junior Entrepreneur Chamber wear blue vest uniforms designed as "2002" on the back to do something.
A ceremony sponsored by the Chamber will be held here to reveal Time Capsule.
The Time Capsule itself is still in the tent. Mouse on the tent.
Mr. Mori, a member of the Chamber, belongs to our BuNGO-Channel as well. Mr. Sato showed up for support the ceremony.
He rides a bicycle like this. A small but strong HandyBIKE, he said.

Many colorful balloons decorate the site.
Red balloons and Big Eye.
Click the picture.
A balloon doll swims in the wind.
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Paper airplane group teaches kids how to make the plane.
The paper airplane flies very good.
The ceremony will soon start.
White gloves and scissors for the ceremony are on the tray.
TV reporters cover Mr. Mori.
Ceremony has started.
After boring words, the Capsule was presented to Oita Prefecture.
The Capsule commemorates World Soccer Game held here in June this year. More than 3,000 commemorative items are set in the Capsule. Two school girls who put their essays in the Capsule read out them.
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The Capsule sails out.

The balloons were released.
A shining Capsule has appeared at last. Mouse on the picture.
Mr. Mori makes the last words.
We-were-there pictures.
When and who will open the Capsule? Remember Oita.
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