August 14, 2002: Visited Fukuoka
A close family of us has recently enjoyed a summer holiday trip. We took care of their pet rabbits.
The two rabbits were going well by eating carrot and cabbage.
The family invited us a drive to Fukuoka City today.
Two families and a mascot Jabit headed to Fukuoka in the afternoon.
Mt. Yufu sits still under the hot sky shrouded by the mist at the top.
Our first destination was familiar COSTCO in Hisayama, a suburb of Fukuoka. I was happy to get my favorite Folger coffee, olive, no-sweet pickles, and other American foods.
Next was our regular course, to computer shops. Junk items attracted many PC lovers.
My husband got a silent-type power unit and replaced it the next morning.
I got a paper folder by an ultra cheap bargain.
The last destination was an ethnic food. The central part of Fukuoka was crowded with many people and cars. It was hard to find a parking lot.
This is Thai food restaurant Jamin Kha. We checked it by Internet in advance.
South East Asian atmosphere fills the restaurant. A mask like this welcomed us.
Today7s special is seafood from the Sea of Genkai. The chef Chang cooks the material skillfully by frying, steaming, or grilling according to the request.
We took the seat on the second floor and toasted with bottles of beer including Thai beer.
My friend is very good at Thai foods and she selected many good varieties.
This is fried egg and eggplant assorted with coconut sauce.
Thai-style fried rice with lemon flavor is really good. The container is from Thailand. The pattern is very simple and cool looking.
Today's main dish is Thai style Shabu-shabu with many kinds of ingredients, including shrimp, crab, meat, Gyouza, tofu, mushroom, Kikurage, Harusame, Chinese green, egg, and more. They all boiled in a pod like this and we took it with a spicy sauce.
A variety of dessert. I took yellow mango pudding and my husband took coconut ice cream. There were many other desserts such as red sweet lemon jelly or Takosaku (Tapioca milk pudding.) I wished I could have tasted all of them.
I enjoyed many unusual foods tonight. Thank you very much, my good friends.