July 19-20 2002: Looking around Bunkyo ward and explore Tokyo Railroad Station
I came up to an unusual designed building.
The unique monument is "Red gravity circle" by Haruyuki Uchida.
A spherical object at the entrance of Toppan Printing Koishikawa Office.
A close look reveals many characters from old days until today.
The Print Museum was already closed in the evening.
I visited Toppan Hall concert.

The artists were Quartet Armonico who had once performed in Yufuin Music Festival. The presented me two tickets and I enjoyed the music together with my daughter-in-law.

We enjoyed Mozart and other great composers music.
The next day was clear but was very hot

Just in front of the hotel is Tokyo Dome.
The slope is called Shinsaka or Gekisaka.

Ishikawa Takuboku, a great poet, had once lived here in Meiji Era, they say.
The hotel entrance makes a good use of the slope.

I climbed up to Bunkyo Civic Center.
The left green is Kourakuen Park and the right green is of Koishikawa Botanical garden.

The grand view from the top of the building.

The ward assembly room.
Sky scrapers in Shinjuku district.
We came up to Tokyo railroad station.
The station gallery is on of my long cherished place to visit.

We saw some exhibits in the gallery.
We then enjoyed a late lunch at Tokyo Shokudou. It was very good. We have had a good day today.