At last, World Soccer Game in Oita
June 9, 2002: Downtown eve for the World Soccer Game
World Soccer Game 2002 has started in Japan and in Korea. We will have it tomorrow here in Oita, only place on Kyushu Island.
Downtown Oita is filled up with welcome atmosphere. I visited there to say hello to my close friend who works hard to welcome visitors to Oita.

Oita color decorates the buildings.
Welcome flags hang down at Gallery Square.

What is "Dream Square 2002" ?

One of my close friends Mr. Mori works on "Time Capsule."
Would you like to contain your memory into this time capsule here in Oita together with the World Soccer Game?
Some schoolchildren draw illustrations for the time capsule.
When it will be opened? What the world will be then?

I hope the world will be better than now.
Ms. Murakami, one of my friends, smiles at the goods corner in which I was presented supporter T-shirt and a Japanese towel set. I will cheer the Game tomorrow on TV, as I couldn't get the real ticket.
In Net Piazza, Oita municipal information center, Mr. Kadowaki is ready for airing the Internet live program. Take care.
An exhibition of the products of Oita was opened to appeal Oita to the world. Many students from APU wait for the foreign visitors.
Takemachi shopping arcade is decorated with international banners and flags.
I then visited Oasis 21 Square to see many Japanese dolls.
A view looking down the first floor.

What? A soccer field?

Yes, Surprisingly, elegant Japanese old Royal Court dolls called Mataro play "An International Kemari game, or "Kicking ball." Did you know that people have already enjoyed a sort of soccer dating back to 12th century here in Japan?
As many as 550 Mataro dolls were prepared by a doll making school in Oita.

Keiko, one of my close friends, has prepared a doll as well.

This Heian Era player has changed his traditional kick ball to a contemporary soccer ball in his hands.

The "supporters" wear "Juuni-Hitoe", ceremonial robes of Japanese court ladies in Heian Era.

The guests of honor from all around the world wear their national costumes.
A tea ceremony seat welcomes the guests hosted by ladies wearing Japanese Kimono costume.
Special World Soccer Game cake in Japanese style.
The green sweet jelly represents field lawn. I enjoyed tasty Japanese green tea.
More than 250 Mataro dolls are displayed in Oasis Square's second floor.

The set is "Toyono-Kuni", or "Land of abundance", prepared by Ms. Suzuki, the cap of Oita Branch. I was sorry that I couldn't see her.
Each doll represents 58 towns and villages in Oita prefecture. The sample is "Fox dance" in Himeshima Island.
The last visit was KONNICHIWA!! FESTA square in Wakakusa park.

Many people were enjoying local Kagura Dance. Tasty foods in Oita are on sale, of course.
The weather was really beautiful today. I was tired by walking many corners in downtown Oita. I was still happy to see many friends here and there, however.
Asahi News Square report live program of the World Soccer game.
Tunisia - Belgium match will be held here in Oita tomorrow at last. Many visitors will visit Oita and enjoy our town. Good luck!
Our Bungo-channel prepared an information corner for the visitors.
Nagano Mie