May 25, 2002: Tool shops in Kappa-bridge
I visited my son and daughter-in-law after a long time.

On an off day, today Saturday, they took me to an unusual spot of interest in downtown Tokyo. We drove through the rat-runs near Shiodome district which was recently re-developed and under building construction rush.
We headed toward Ueno and soon found an unusual object near Sumida River.

Asahi Brewery constructed this mysterious object in October 1989 next to the headquarters as the i00th anniversary of the company. The theme of the golden flaming object was "Burning heart of Asahi toward the new century." World fames designer Philippes Starck designed this object.
Soon we arrived the destination.
It is called Kappa Bridge, an antique shopping arcade.

Any and all items are on sale, including cooking apparatus, tools and others.
No, this is not a sushi restaurant. They are the wax sample of sushi.
All coffee shop items are available here. Mysterious shaped tools fascinated me long enough forgetting time.
Japanese, western, Chinese table ware.
We turned back at Kototoi bridge and looked through the other side of the arcade.
Even Hagama, old time rice cooker, is displayed as well.
Recently popular Dutch ovens.

I bought a couple of japan soup bowl and my son got a Chinese steamer and a pod.
The arcade was very good.
After that, we came up to a hotel in which they got married three years ago.
We enjoyed tasty sushi and relaxed in the hall.
We picked up some cakes we reserved. The cake shop was just renewed and opened on May 20.

This caramel object cerebrates the opening of World Soccer Game in Japan.
We enjoyed a beautiful day today.