March 4, 2002: A notebook computer has showed up
Cold days have given their ways to warm spring before I knew. Japan tallow flower is about to bloom.
A nearby friend of mine said she would set up a notebook PC. Moreover, I visited her soon.

The gadget is still sit in the corrugated cardboard.
She has a desktop computer in the living room and enjoy the Internet together.

She has long been hoping to get a notebook computer that would allow her to use it anywhere in the house.
One day still in cold, she showed up to my house with a piece of newspaper that advertised a notebook computer. She asked me "How about this computer?" Finally, she ordered it through the web.
She also ordered a "set-up service" as well, and an engineer showed up today from a support center of DELL computer.
As a curiosity seeker, I was served with black tea. The tea server is a wonderful one bought through the web. It is warmed by a small candlelight.
Soon, a pattern like this appeared on the screen and the computer has started to run.

In the evening, she sent me an E-mail message from the just-run-computer. I think her notebook computer will work from anywhere in her house.