February 2, 2002: Pleasant rainy day
Regardless of a drizzling, we three good friends go out for a walk.
Some 30 minutes walk from home takes us to an open field like this.
Bulldozers for the construction of a new supermarket now level once large rice field.
We averted a heavy traffic road and walked through an old pass.

Old guardian deity of children is carefully enshrined on the roadside.
We arrived the destination, "Fuujin and Raijin - literally God of Wind and God of Thunder." A potbellied stove radiates mild heat to warm the cozy space.

The wall is hung with a wonderful painting by Shimomura.
Rape blossoms in the pod on the big table is very beautiful.
Labrador Retriever "Black" welcomed us. He is a large, wise, and quiet dog. He soon became a good friend with Iwasaki.
In the kitchen are many good-sensed tableware arranged beautifully on the shelves. The range is shining and so attractive for housewives like us.
Special meat sauce is simmering in the pod. Mutsuko Yukino soon prepared tasty pizza for us.
This is the recommended salad of Miyaji who introduced the restaurant to us. Homemade smoked ham is great as well.
Today's lunch: from left, smoked ham salad, meat sauce spagghetti, and pizza. We can use chopsticks for easier handling.
Wonderful wines fascinated us.
A pet rabbit runs around the garden.
The garden matches well with rice paddies around the restaurant. A large tearoom is visible from the dinning room through the large window.
We enjoyed pleasant chatting on good memories of overseas travel to France, Germany, and Spain. Rich time passes so fast.

Before leaving, we took a we-were-there-picture. We walked back home for 40 minutes in the rain.

We had a very good day today.