2001 USA-Germany travel record

September 26: Arrived Chicago

JAL010 carries us to Chicago.

I wonder how many passengers are on board. A stewardess told me to change the seat wherever not occupied. I moved to the backward seat and could relax by watching movie, tasting wine, and sleeping.

I filled up the immigration format.

A wonderful dawn on American continent. I pray such a wonderful dawn will come every morning on this globe.

Chicago welcomed me. The Stars and Stripes and a floral wreath are decorated in the lobby. I was surprised to hear a voice "Is there Mrs. Mieko Nagano?" An airline person in charge hoists a paper card on which my name was written. This is because my flight from Chicago to Washington DC was changed and I am requested to check it at the counter.

After September 11 attack, Reagan airport of Washington DC is closed. It is said the airport will be closed forever to prevent possible attacks to the core of America. All the flight is re-scheduled. Our ticket was also changed to Dulles airport. Mr. Tsukamoto, one of our best friends in USA, was very anxious about the matter right after the terror. He collected possible information and send them to us.

I tried to call Mr. Don from O'Hare, but it took a long time to connect to him. Finally, he showed up at the airport arrival concourse. I was very glad to see him for the first time in three years.

We took a picture at the airport and drove up my dear old roads to Don's house in the western suburbs of Chicago. Mayumi and two lovely kids welcomed us.

Don's house is filled with many personal computers and toys. The main bedroom is turned to the PC room. He works in a mobile phone company and works hard in office and in home. I asked Mayumi to use her computer and sent some messages to my friends.

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