2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 31, 2001: Going home

I got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning. We checked the room we have long been using and said "Thank you very much and good-bye." The cab, we reserved yesterday, has already arrived at the entrance of the building.

It was just a short way from the apartment to National airport. The airport was closed when we first arrived DC, but it was open already. After the check-in, we were relieved from big suitcases. The security check was really tight; all of my items in the carry-in bag were checked very carefully.

National airport is not a so big one, but is very beautiful as the gateway of the USA.

you can see such a beautiful mosaic tiles on the floor.

Many designs compete their beauties each other.

I found a signboard that reds "Welcome back." As President Bush says, it is very important to act as usual so as to smash down the terrorists. I firmly believe so. I will come back to the USA.

The plane took off on schedule. Just under the window are Washington Memorial, the White House, and the Capitol Hill. Yes, the airport is located in the core of DC.
Just before landing, I could see a steel plant on Michigan Lake. This is Inland Steel of Indiana Harbor in South Chicago. My husband had once visited here many times a quarter century ago.

We change the plane to a JAL for Narita. Many Japanese tourists fill the concourse of O'Hare. JAL shares code with AA. The dear old concourse of the airport, decorated with bunting, makes me feel that I have returned home.

After a long flight more than 12 hours, we arrived Narita at Washington time midnight. The local time is 2:00 p.m. with temperature of 22 degrees C. Many tourists wear just T-shirts, but I wear sweater and an overcoat in hand. At Narita, I met Mayumi Alexander with her two kids. She has just arrived on the same day with an AA flight. Thank you very much Mayumi you extended over us during our stay in your home in Chicago in first few days of our long travel.

We then flew again to Fukuoka and picked up our car, which has long been deposited in a parking company. Many colorful neon signs remind me that I have just returned back to Japan. We drove back Kyushu Highway shrouded in the mist and arrived home in midnight. It was a long long way from Washington DC to home in Oita.

My garden was OK, because a close friend nearby has been taking care of my house concessionary. Next morning, I said hello to my flowers in the garden. Thank you very much flowers, you have long been looking after the house.

We appreciate many friends who supported us during our long travel to USA and Germany. Thanks to all of you, we could return home safely.

Haiku: "I take off my traveling clothes by looking yellow Tsuwabuki flowers."

Thank you very much for your reading the USA-Germany Travel Record.

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