2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 27, 2001: Long Island Drive

Today is Saturday. Mr. Tsukamoto is off business of course. The air is cold but crispy in the morning. Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto kindly take us to drive. Mr. Tsukamoto's house is in a thick-forested residential area in which lovely squirrels run around.

Haiku: "A squirrel filled up its cheek and ran away quickly."

Pleasant pictures on the entrance.

First, we came up to a nearby shore close to one of the best ten high-class residential areas in the USA. We passed through big mansions in the forest and arrived to a shore like this. Skyscrapers of Manhattan, except two Towers, soar high across Long Island Sound.

After that, we drive east on the backbone highways of Long Island and came up to countryside. We dropped in an open shop that displayed many pumpkins. There are many roadside shops like this because Halloween is closing.

Haiku: "Halloween pumpkins welcome me on a shelf."

I was lured by very savory aroma and found fresh corn was in the roaster like this. I soon bought one and ate it. It was really good!

There are many wineries in this area, large and small. It is a good season to taste fresh wine. Each winery parks many vehicles.

We could luckily join a guided tour at a winery. Wine is nurtured in the barrel made of American oak. On the top of a barrel is an unusual shaped glass. It is a vent to release carbon dioxide gas during the aging.

Tasting corner is crowded with many visitors.

We also bought some bottles for dinner.

I was very happy today to get good souvenir and enjoyed wonderful autumnal drive on Long Island. We headed west to home in the dusk. We had a very good dinner of Sukiyaki over tasty red wines. Thank you very much Mr. and Mrs. Tsukamoto today.

I remember we had once driven up Hudson River by a rental car three years ago when my husband retired. We then crossed the bay from New London to Long Island and headed to Mr. Tsukamoto's home on the same road today. I was very happy today to enjoy the area again thanks to the Tsukamotos.

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