2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 22, 2001: Back to Washington DC, USA

I first thought two weeks in Germany was very long, but it passed so quickly. We will leave Germany today. I got up early in the morning and took breakfast in the restaurant of the hotel. It is still dark outside. There are many colorful serials on the table.

There are many kinds of hams and sausages on the tray, but most of them are somewhat salty for us. Fruits are in the baskets as well. We enjoyed German breakfast such as juice, fruit, tomato, cucumber, sausage, and hard German bread

We have assembled our belongings and checked out. The hotel run by DB is just in front of the side gate of Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt. We could get on and out trams and buses by using free tickets the hotel provided for us.

We arrived at Airport station by S-bahn. Suitcases can be brought up by a large wagon on the platform up to the check-in counter.

Many airlines are open on the counters already. Yellow counter is the flagship of Germany, Lufthansa. I could read the check-in counter's number up to 920. We checked-in at UA. Security check was stringent, of course.

A Japanese car was on display together with BMB and Benz. Airport officers use such a small bicycle to move around the huge terminal.

This is the departure approach. Yellow flags are of course, Lufthansa.

As we have still enough time, we enjoyed the last German beer in a restaurant. Many new-to-me airlines such as Macedonia and Uzbekistan park under the cloudy sky. They make me feel this is Europe, anyway.

A businessman takes something tasty-looking. We decided to order the same dish.

Yes, this is famous Weisswurst, a good memory of Germany.

We passed a check gate without problem.

UA 917 took off on schedule. We will have a long day today.

I could see such an unusual scene, another jet cruises just below our UA to the same direction.

After ten hours flight, we arrived Washington DC Dulles. The temperature is, surprisingly 26 degrees C. Is it true in this late autumn?

The immigration went smooth. We will back to Mr. Tsukamoto's apartment by bus and subway.

At last, we returned "home." We soon cooked Japanese dish, as we took too much salty meat in Germany, we have to be careful in food from today. The life in Washington was resumed.

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