2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 20, 2001: To Frankfurt

We take breakfast in a wonderful dinning room. The hotel was once a mansion of a local lord and this dinning room was used by the queen. Many paintings of the queen are on the wall.

The table setting is very smart, and many kinds of ham and cheese are ready for serve.

After breakfast, we walked out for a while and look around the small Platz surrounded by Rathaus und Kirchen. We found a Markt in the Platz.

Herford has a long history with old ruins dating back to Roman days in 2nd - 3rd century (left.) The name of the hotel we stay was on the armorial signboard like this with a golden crown on the top. The same golden crown mark was on the head of the bed. Hotel zur Furstabtei: Umgeben vom historischen Stadtkern des uber 1200jaehrigen Herfords finden Sie dieses aussergewoehnliche Hotel direkt gegenueber dem alten Muenster (der Kirche der Fuerstabtei.)

This is the carriage drive to the backyard. On the wall of the drive are carvings of old landscapes.

Now, I have to say good-bye to Kaeko and Klaus. They kindly brought us back to the station we first met. I really appreciate their kindness extended to us during our stay in northern Germany.

Thanks to them, we could have very pleasant memory of the travel. Germany is, however, still vast to see in short days. I will be back here to see more and to meet both of them again.

(picture by Klaus P.)

We at last got on an express train to south. We could soon relax, and I sorted many pictures in my computer. My husband bought large sausages and beer at Koeln station for lunch.

New pictures are still being added to my computer like this. Many boats ply the Rhein.

Viticetums on the slope may harbor winery in an old castle, I guess. Old Kirche make good contrast with modern building in a town.

Old castles are on the hill. Some of them hoist signs that read "Old Castle Hotel." Next time, I wish to stay at one of them and look for mermaid Lorelei.

Many high buildings and cranes tell the arrival to Frankfurt.

We arrived Hauptbahnhof. We will stay tonight at ICE hotel next to the station.

We soon walked out for dinner. We first entered a tall building in downtown and found a crowded shopping center. We took dinner in a German restaurant in Roemer Platz. Many gabled houses such as Rathaus and others surround the Platz. After dinner, we looked around the district and walked down to Main River side. I enjoyed beautiful night scenery of the town. We returned hotel by a U-bahn.

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