2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 1, 2001:Good-bye Chicago, Hello Washington DC

I got up early in the morning. We said thank you very much for the Dons and headed to O'Hare airport by a taxi Don called for us yesterday. The taxi was waiting already. The scarecrow we made yesterday was happy because he got lovely eyes this morning. A Halloween pumpkin and a Stars and Stripes that memorializes the victims of the WTC Tragedy are set at the entrance as well.

A morning rush caught us. It took about 45 minutes to O'Hare. Usually, domestic flight baggage can be checked in at driveway apron. This time, however, we have to wait at the end of 200 meter-long line for tightened security check-in. It took about 50 minutes at last. A large flag is hung down from the terminal building.

I felt increased tension rather than feeling ease after the take-off. I could view skyscrapers of downtown Chicago. They remind me of a scene of New York City I saw on TV yesterday.

Our destination was changed from National to Dulles because National was closed due to possible terror attack. I was relieved at the safety landing. Special transportation wagon carries the passengers to the terminal. This was new for me.

Mr. Tsukamoto welcomed us at the exit of the baggage claim. Thank you very much for your sharing time for us. We met for the first time in a half-year.

After a long taxi ride from the airport, we arrived at an apartment in which Mr. Tsukamoto lives. The white building on the back is J.F.Kennedy Center.

Famous Watergate Complex is on the other side of Virginia Avenue.

We can view George Washington University complex from the window of the room on the 9th floor.

Mr. Tsukamoto taught my husband how to use his PC. I soon checked the kitchen and started cooking. The kitchen is well equipped with many facilities such as oven, dishwasher, disposer, and others.

I prepared Soumen noodle for lunch by using pickups materials in the kitchen.

After a late lunch, Mr. Tsukamoto took us to the rooftop from which we can enjoy wonderful landscape of central Washington.

In the basement is a washing room.

We then go out for shopping at a supermarket in the Watergate Complex. I bought vegetables, tofu, catfish, and other items.

Mr. Tsukamoto took us to a famous seafood restaurant named The Oceanaire. We enjoyed tasty dinner there.

I took trout, my husband enjoyed sea bass, and Mr. Tsukamoto ordered blue fish. They were all tasty. Mr. Tsukamoto told us how Americans thought about this time terror and the differences between Japanese and American perception. This is not a matter of America-only. United Nations carried a resolution by an overwhelming majority. This is why so many Stars and Stripes or chest-attached ribbons are everywhere. Mr. Tsukamoto works in New York and in Washington DC. His words sound me very heavy. I thought I should see much more than what TV airs everyday.

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