From 2001 to 2002
Today is the last day of 2001.

Following yesterday, I will cook Osechi dish today as well.
The weather is so fine, however.
In the afternoon, we were lured out by the beautiful sky for driving.

Kujyu mountain range says hello to us with a thin snowcap on it.
Three hours to a New Year. After eating "New Year's Eve's buckwheat noodle", we visit a temple for worship for ringing a bell ringing out the old year.
Nearby residents flock in groups of twos and threes.

I climbed up onto a lovely stand to ring the bell.
The low-pitch sound of the bell will eliminate 108 devils in the year.
Happy New Year everybody! We then visited a nearby Hayashi shrine for cerebrating the year.

Many people join the cerebration.
Camellia flowers hold many oracles.
I prayed for peace and health. Then I drank offering sake.
Many pilgrimages sit around a bonfire in the precinct.
Usually quiet lovely Hayashi shrine hoists many divine lanterns.

Wishing a quiet and peaceful year of 2002.