December 18, 2001: The last airing of Radio "Internet Life"
A radio program "Internet Life" has been aired until today for past six years from the studio of COARA Co., Ltd. The last wave will be aired tonight. I made homemade cake and dashed to the studio.
Ms. Korenaga welcomes me together with a large pod of poinsettia and mini Santa Claus dolls.

The Internet Life occupies even the gallery this time.

The last airing and Christmas have come at the same time, making mess and big noise.
The last performance started.

From left, Mizutani, Kinoshita, Yamasaki, and Ishii. Thank you very much all of you every week so long time.
The theme of the last airing was "Review of the year."

Mr. Ono, always-busy-president of COARA, joins the airing through the Internet from Fukuoka City. Mr. Ono is busy to prepare the connection for it.
Regular guest, from left, Kudou, Takagi, and Satou are happy in the gallery.
They reviewed the year as well. I talked about my recent travel to NYC one month after the attack on September 11.

I feel something lonely because I have been a regular guest from the beginning.

From left, Satou, Ohshima, Mie, and Akemi.
Broadcasters are on the floor outside of the studio.

Even during on-air, Inoue, a professional from FM Oita, is caught up by frequent phone bells.
Kadowaki, a staff member of COARA, takes movie. Kinoshita captures the last airing with a digital camera and video. Korenaga dashes to a ringing phone. They are all very busy.
The last airing was over before I knew. Inoue thanks to the guests and staff.

A hurricane of applause up roared accidentally from the all people.
The last wave has gone successfully, let's Bottoms up!

Many brought-in cakes, beer, wine, and tea filled the pleasant atmosphere of COARA office and the studio.