September 17, 2001: An interview
Just before the noon, I found a red car in front of my garage.
Welcome Mr. Kasai, a free writer (right), and Mr. Kitamura, a cameraman.

Let's take lunch first. I have prepared ginger rice today.
Today, what is surprising, I will be interviewed by Nishi Nippon Press who will publish a special issue in an event "The 54th Press Conference" to be held in Fukuoka next month.
The title of the special issue is "A challenge of new frontier generation - New seniors create a time."

"Breaking the old concept of senior generations, mid fifties look forward to creating their own lives" is the main theme of the Conference. Many items such as pastime, housing, economy, and health are included as the topics. They will send out information from all over Kyushu Island.
"Under the help of many friends, I have been enjoying my Internet life since the down of personal computer communication era", I told to Mr. Kasai.
Mr. Kitamura takes me with his great gadgets.
A large camera is set up on the garden. He looks for good angles.
I make a pose beside a large flowerpot. I try to make a gesture to take a picture of the flowers with a digital camera.
The weather is too bright to take a good picture. Mr. Kitamura ponders alternatives by moving the heavy large flower pod.
How about this position? He moved the pod onto the terrace.
Four log chairs became the base of the pod.
Look at the two pictures. The reflector angle causes the big difference between them. I was very interested in the tools of a professional cameraman.
During taking pictures, Mr. Kasai and my husband enjoy chatting.
Next scene is PC using.

I selected out a clear picture of rose from my homepage.
This is my desk on which my PC sits.

I feel shy a little when I am shot from such close up position.
I am amazed such full-scale picture taking using an umbrella reflector like this.
Many commemorative pictures I took with my Internet friends are taken as well.
Mr. Kasai takes note during pleasant chatting.
Well the interview was over.

Thank you very much Mr. Kasai and Mr. Kitamura. Please relax with coffee and pound cake we prepared.

What the news story will be? I am expecting it to be issued on October 16.

Mieko Nagano