September 16, 2001: Dance Performance

On a refreshing clear Sunday, I came up to a nearby shopping center Wasada Town. The parking lot is filled with many cars already.
Dance Performance is being held on the outdoor stage.

In this Festival Square, many attractions are open on every holiday.
Some 20 school kids perform a dance.
Times Dance Studio dancers perform a pleasant dance with a jaunty rhythm.
Adult-like dance is held as well.
Kid dancers get cheering from the audience who enjoy together with the dancers.
The audience enjoy the performance with eating hamburger or clapping their hands. They love such a beautiful holiday.
The shopping arcade has turned its color to autumn already.
On my way back home, I tried to find the sign of autumn.

Japanese pampas grass swing gently in the parking lot green belt on the back ground of Ryouzen Hill.
Salvia blooms brilliantly in the field nearby.
A view of Mt. Yufu taken from the entrance of our Fujimigaoka community.
Leek enjoys its full bloom in the open space in the community. The white flower is small and lovely.
Arrowroot holds such beautiful flower even though I am troubled with its massive laves invading the slope in front of my garage.
Toad Lily is in full bloom in my garden. The flower reminds me of the arrival of autumn.
Madagascar periwinkle blooms since mid summer.
The persimmon in my garden holds green fruits already with yellow-turning leaves.
Inutade flower blooms in my friend's garden. I used to play house with it when I was a kid.
Cluster-amaryllis blooms in brilliant scarlet in the garden of adjacent Fujimigaoka kindergarten.

I found many signs of autumn around me today.

Mieko Nagano