August 30, 2001: Chamber music in Yunohira spa
We were invited to a chamber music concert at Shimizuya Inn in Yunohira spa. After 30 minutes drive we arrived at the inn. A wonderful bouquet of rose decorated the entrance.
The concert will be held in the dinning room from 7:30 p.m. The room is already filled with the guests.

The number of guests seems to be about 50 to 60.
Mr. Souji Shimizu, president of the Inn, makes a few words.

This is the third time cello concert with the main cellist Shuuya Matsushita.
The first program of the concert is a requiem by Hopper paying a tribute to the memory of the former president who passed away last year.

Three cellos and a piano make a solemn sound.
Akemi Kuchira (flute), Sumi Koshou (piano), and Shuuji Matsushita (cello) play Weber's "G minor trio for flute, cello, and piano."
Cellist Shuuji Matsushita was once a concertmaster of NHK Symphony Orchestra.
Michiko Shimizu, the landlady of the Inn, serves herb tea for guests.
I found some staffs of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF), Mr. Kato General secretariat of YMF, and Mr. Yoshikawa. From left, Ken, Kato, Shimizu, and Yoshikawa.
The second half started with an unusual music, "From Makura-no-soushi, a fantasy of four seasons" composed by Kazumasa Munakata and modified by Shuuya Matsushita.

Cellist Shirasawa recites the poem of Makura-no-soushi on the background sound of the cello. The music was really fantastic. I felt to hear much more of it.
The last program was "Beethoven Highlights" by Shuuya Matsushita and Shuko Matsushita. Famous music were played with piano accompany.
After three encores, the concert was over. A buffet-style dinner party followed it in the tearoom. Mr. Kato and I, car drivers, drink a toast with tea.
The design of the foods in the party was by Mr. Shine, the chef of Cottage Cosumosu in Yufuin.
Sea bream (left) and eel flake are dished up on beautiful dish of Onta ware.
Octopus salad (left) and "Vegetable-only" sushi rolls were appealing to the guests. They vanished away from the dish before I knew.
Artists make a few word, Matsushita (center) and Shirasawa (right.)
Guests enjoy the party.
Oita's famous "cold soup" (left) and on-ice-tray dessert were also great.
I found an unexpected friend in the party.
Michiko Shimizu, young beautiful landlady of the Shimizu Inn is one of my closest friends. Thank you very much for your invitation.
The president Shimizu and chef Sine relax in the lobby, thank you very much for your hospitalities.
It still rains. Kagono steep stream gushes down through the narrow valley of Yunohira spa. The heat of the summer was gone. I enjoyed a cool night of the valley.

Thank you very much for a wonderful concert.

Mieko Nagano