August 26, 2001: Internet demonstration in Kitsuki
Today we will join an "Internet experience day" to be held in Kitsuki City.

My car was paralleled by chance with Mr. Mori's on the way to the city. He will also join the event as a member of BuNGO-Channel.
We parked at a parking lot under Kitsuki Castle and walked up to the site. On a stairs leading to the site is such a manhole cover with the design of a horseshoe crab. It is sometimes called "a living fossil."
This is Kitsuki Municipal Central Public Hall.
Many volunteers have already set up note PCs.
All the volunteers have yellow nametag around the neck. Mr. Suyama gives some comments to be checked today. He is the administrator of Kunisaki Mailing List and a member of BuNGO-Channel as well.
Many guests flock in even before the opening at 10:00 a.m. Some Internet providers are busy in appealing to them.
Student volunteers at the reception table.
The room is usually open to "Information Technology School of Toyo-no-Kuni, the land of abundance."

Some 20 note PCs are connected with a LAN on ISDN basis. The guests soon enjoy net surfing and E-mail with the instruction of the volunteers.

COARA members Ono and Korenaga come to report the event.
The participants are very eager. The instant home page titled as "Mt. Fuji" was made by two 70s participants. They are planning to buy computers. I was very glad to hear it.
The volunteers are busy in explaining how to write E-mails or net surfing. We took lunch alternately. The members of BuNGO-Channel wear yellow T-shirts.
One of the participants was eagerly watching a mailing software.

"The PC is connected to the Internet and you can actually send message or enjoy chatting with the neighboring person." She nodded.
All the note PCs had no time to take rest. Today's guests turned to be 113. It was very successful today.
COARA Co, Ltd. provides a "One-Shot Home Page." Kadowaki smiles at the kids in using a PC that equipped with a video camera.
I helped a guest who wanted to draw a picture with the PC.

The result was so lovely and it was printed out as a greeting card.
The closing time came too soon.

The staff re-adjusted the PC to the original settings to be used IT class after tomorrow.
All was cleaned up.
Materials are withdrawn.
Sato, a member of BuNGO-Channel is a good guy. To be young is a good thing, indeed.
A close party was held in a small restaurant.

BuNGO-Channel members volunteered hard today, from left, Ken, Yamasaki, Mori, Nakamura, Sato. Mr. Kuboki was out of the shot. Mie took the picture.

Click the picture to enlarge.
The members from Kunisaki Mailing List, BuNGO-Channel, COARA Co, Ltd., and DMSS joined the party, totaling 20.
We introduced each other and soon got acquainted easily.
Mr. Suyama, the person in charge of today's event, at right, relaxes.

It is a wonderful thing to have a big event with the cooperation of many different groups. We hope to have another chance like this.
Reported by Mieko Nagano
Reported by Kuboki

Mieko Nagano BuNGO-Channel