August 22, 2001: Our "Bookmark"

Typhoon No.11 was passed without giving any major damage to our Oita. We have a beautiful day today and we drove out just after the breakfast.
To where? Yes, our favorite "bookmark" Kujyuu Highland.
Corn has already bear large fruits.

Deep blue sky tells us the arrival of autumn.

We arrived Hita-Pass, an old road from Kumamoto to Oita in Edo era. The pine trees were planted in those days. This is a view point of Kujyu Highland.
The highland is dotted with many autumnal flowers.

Bush Clover and Boneset

Burnet and Tsurigane Ninjin

evening primrose

Fringed pink

Tsukushi Boufuu?

Wild chrysanthemum

There is a good Marathon training course.
Many high school student appeared.

After the warm up they started to running.
They are from Kagoshima. They will train here for six days, the teacher said. Young students are running vividly. I tried to "run" a little (right.)
I was soon exhausted.
My husband relaxes in the shade in the cool breeze.
Lunchtime has come. Where we should go?

After all, we headed Yufuin, another bookmark. Mt. Yufu welcomes me as usual with clouds around it.
Yufuin is crowded with summer vacation families.

We wait our turn for a while.
A jumbo pumpkin is displayed on the entrance. An ordinary sized one is put on the top. How much the jumbo pumpkin weighs?
Unusual calligraphy books are in the restaurant.

We took local beer, tongue stew, chef's recommendation tomato salad, and rice ball.

They were really tasty.
The sunlight filtering down through the trees makes beautiful pattern on the wooden terrace.
Wild lily was swinging in the garden.
After the lunch, my husband enjoyed a spa run by Yufuin town (left.) I visited a coffee shop in Tamanayu Hotel, one of my favorite resorts. I enjoyed a rich time by reading the book over a cup of iced black tea. The space is really luxurious.
We then visited Kotokoto-ya tearoom. This is really good place I can relax. The tearoom is run by the most important friend of mine. We often visit here on every time of Yufuin Music Festival.
The first item upon the visit to the tearoom is a large flower basin. I am always interested in what flower is arranged today. Beside the basin was Sagisou flower.

The new couple walks a dog named Juju, an Afghan Hound.
The 26th Yufuin Movie Festival starts from today. The eve is held tonight at a square in front of Yufuin station.
The staff is working busy for setting up a stage of Yunohira Kids Kagura Dance performance.
Click the picture to enlarge.
We have had a good day in the breeze of early autumn.

Mieko Nagano