July 19, 2001: Underfloor ventilation
Nearly 30 years have passed since my house was built. The house was partially reformed nine years ago and some parts of the floor were replaced recently. As we built a spacious terrace on the south of the house, the underfloor ventilation became insufficient. Yes, a free-from-dampness atmosphere is needed to protect the house from the attack of termites anyway.

A brochure of a termites eradicator appeals the effectiveness of dry underfloor.

They say the underfloor ventilation will be good not only for house but also for human health.

This is why we have decided to set the equipment.
Machine-packed small car came to my house today at last.
Blue sheets were spread from the entrance to the Japanese room.
The small hole in the Japanese room is the inlet to the underfloor.
The instant look of the underfloor looks like clean, but the southern part of the ground has dampness.
Hot humid day is bad for the construction work in the outdoor and under the floor.
The ventilation grid is removed and the opening is widened a little to set up the fan.
Well, the fan was set perfectly.
The wet air will come out from this opening.
The ventilation system works automatically from 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. daily. I hope my underfloor atmosphere will become dry and clean. Thank you very much for the hard works.

Oita COARA   Tenjin COARA  Mie Home