July 8, 2001: Tomato sauce making
One of my close friends gave me a lot of fully-ripen tomato yesterday. The volume is too much to eat as they are. I made up my mind to make tomato sauce today.

The ingredients are: fully-ripen tomato 1.5 Kg, 4 onions, 1 block of garlic, 1 cup of olive oil, and 1 large tbsp of salt.
The garlic ball is crushed down using the back of the cooking knife to take out 3-4 pieces of the core. They are sliced in large pieces.
The onions were presented from a friend of mine in Yufuin the other day. They are diced in the size of one-centimeter each.

The garlic is first fried in the deep pod with olive oil, and onion is added and simmered slowly with occasional stirring.
The volume of the mixture decreased down to one-half of the original after 30 minutes simmering.
Tomato and salt are added on it. I was afraid of the mountainous volume of the tomato first, but...
The mixture simmered down like this. Thank you my lovely pot.
After simmering nearly two hours, the volume became about one-half of the pod.
My kitchen, as well as my house, is filled with sour-sweet smell of tomato sauce. Whenever I cook something, the house is filled with the smell of it. I love it.

After leaving the pod in the kitchen for cooling, I put the sauce into the bins for preservation.
Now, beautiful tomato sauce was completed. The instruction book was "Three-colored sauce for Italian food" by Etsuko Motoya who made a lecture meeting the other day in Oita. She learned the simple recipe "Rosso" from Ms Anna, a countess in Sicily. To be simple has a large flexibility to use the sauce in various kinds of cooking.
We soon tried the sauce in lunch. The taste of pasta of tuna fish and bean was very refreshing with appetite-stimulating flavor red pepper.(Linguine al tonno rosso)

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