June 10, 2001: "UNBUILT exhibition of Arata Isozaki
After a small work, I visited a building near Funai Castle in downtown Oita.
There is a building near the moat.

Arata Isozaki, a world famous architect from Oita, built it in 1966. The building was once a prefecture library. I used to visit it with my son in my early days in Oita City.
A new prefecture library was built in 1996 designed by him. The old building was turned for a communication center called Art Plaza.
Isozaki's work is displayed here permanently and the center is open to public.

I visited here today in order to see a special exhibition opened up today "Arata Isozaki's Unbuilt Works."
I visited here after a long time. The slope reminds me of the pleasant days with my small son carrying many kid books.
The special exhibition is held in the Art Hall on the second floor.

"Unbuilt" literally means the buildings that were not put into shapes. Any building will become old and dirty and be forgotten, but the "Unbuilt" buildings will remain fresh in people's hearts forever.

Isozaki has been working about 40 years.
The works were divided every ten years and the main works representing the decades were displayed.
"Buildings in the air" in 1960's and "Hatching Process" feature their free connectable core design in the air.

Click the picture to enlarge.
"Computer aided city" in 1970's features its unusual design of artificial climate in a doomed city. The Osaka Expo Festival Square model had once been displayed here in 1970s.
Tokyo Metropolitan Office design in 1980 refused ultra-high scraper and offered a space for the citizen on the ground floor.
Maritime City and Shenzhen International Trade Square buildings in 1990s support all the function of a city such as commercial districts and hotels on the park.
On each corner are such rough sketches and illustrations for easy understanding of the visitors.
This is the model of Maritime City.
Zhuhai City off Macau asked the concept design of a maritime city, or a mirage in 1993.

All the designs were "Unbuilt" buildings, but I felt how impressive it would be to put myself in them.
Next, I headed to regular exhibition hall on the third floor through a green corridor like this.
Simultaneous proceeding construction designs in Japan and in China are on display from basic to detail designs as "Works in Progress."

This is a prototype of Shenzhen Culture Center of China. The library and halls will be completed in 2002 September.

Click the picture to enlarge.
I realized that architecture is an overall art that assembles many steps to take shape.

Yamaguchi Culture Exchange Plaza will open in 2003 March, a theater and a library are included in it.
Ceramic Park Mino under construction in Tajimi City Gifu Prefecture will be completed in 2002 March.
I wanted to visit here again to see many other exhibits.

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