May 22, 2001: Visit to Tokyo after a long interval
Yesterday, I saw off Mr. Tsukamoto at Oita hover craft terminal.

This morning, we will get on the craft to Oita airport and to Tokyo after a long interval.

In Tokyo airport, I saw an interesting plane of "Sweet No.2" that cerebrates the 50th anniversary of Japan Air Lines Corporation. The major characters of Disney movie are dancing pleasantly on the jumbo jet body
We visited my husband's sister house by bus. I found a "new business" of the bus company: they sell umbrella in bus.

We have had a good time with the family.
Today, we bought two "Tokyo free tickets" that allow all-day taking of the trains in Tokyo metropolitan area.
This time trip to Tokyo, we bought "package" tickets that include hover craft, flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and breakfasts. We stay at Capitol Tokyu Hotel near the National Diet House. The hotel makes me feel a distinctive quality and history. From the room at the fifth floor, we see the thick green of Hie Shrine and skyscrapers behind it.
A large flower arrangement of Sogetsu style welcomes the guests with its strong green and pink azalea. The large ornament is made by Sofu Teshigawara.
The room is very spacious and classic. I was very pleased with the atmosphere.
We celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary by enjoying a Chinese dinner in the hotel.

The hotel stands on a hill once called Hoshigaoka, or "Starry hill" in which famous cooking artist Rosanjin Kitaohji once run then top class restaurant Hoshigaoka-Saryou. The Chinese restaurant Hoshigaoka is named after him.
Beautiful ceiling, exotic pattern of the floor carpet, and ebony furniture make a classic atmosphere in the restaurant.
First, we toasted with Tsingtao beer, anyway.
Raochu, strong Chinese liquor, needs crystal sugar to drink.

Aperitif, soup, and Chahang (Chinese fried rice) on which my husband sticks, and meat dumpling containing shark fin are elegant and plain in taste.
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