May 20, 2001: Spa festival in Yunohira
After enjoying a wonderful time in Yufuin, we dropped in Yunohira spa, this is because I have had an invitation from Mrs. Michiko Shimizu, the beautiful landlady of Shimizu Inn. She is one of my good friends in Yufuin Music Festival.

This is the first visit to the festival. A small altar is set on the street corner and a tiny statue of Buddha is on it to celebrate Flower Festival.

Some bottles of hot spring water sampled from the welling up points are on the altar as well.
Yunohira spa is famous for its narrow stone-paved steep slope. Buntings and banners are decorated in the "main" street.
Street stalls and Kagura dance performance make the visitors and local residents happy together.
"Last night, I performed a dance very hard wearing a female costume", Mr. Souji Shimizu, president of Shimizu Inn laughed. He is a prominent leader of village revitalization campaign of the spa.

Next time we will enjoy the wonderful spa of the Inn.
We came back home at last. Mr. Tsukamoto is still busy with his computer, however.
Yesterday evening, we enjoyed a Japanese cuisine and today we tasted Yufuin dishes. All of us are pleased very much. How about my dishes tonight?

"Simply grilled sardine was very tasty, because I can't take it in New York", Mr. Tsukamoto said. I was very glad to hear it.

Thank you very much Mr. Tsukamoto. I hope you have enjoyed a day.

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