May 20, 2001: A holiday in Yufuin
On the second day of Mr. Tsukamoto's holiday in Oita, we will visit Yufuin in the late morning. The weather is very beautiful. In front of my house is large bamboo bush that grows fresh bamboos of the year. The rose fence is at its best as well.
In Sunday morning, Yufuin is crowded with many tourists as usual. In a small tearoom in Kamenoi Besso Hotel, an exhibition of woodcraft by Mr. Kumazawa was held quietly. A flower arrangement of Yamaboushi matches very well with simple entrance at the entrance of Setsuango guest house.
The house was brought over from Tokyo which was once used as the residence of Dr. Ukichiro Nakaya, the late famous pioneer of snow.

The pioneer's own handwriting of snow crystal is hung on the wall in the house. I believe it is very precious monument.
The guesthouse opens to outside, calling in the natural breeze coming through the thick green and stream.

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Mr. Tsukamoto is interested in the elaborate works of the wooden plates.
Well, we will enjoy a lunch at Yunotake-Ann restaurant joined with Mr. Tooru Ono, president of COARA Co., Ltd. They are good old friends. He suggested the menu for Mr. Tsukamoto saying, "Bungo beef, Bungo chicken, and edible wild weeds, and rice ball are good for this season."
Mention the word lunch in Yunotake-Ann, or it reminds me of this special dish. Yes! Japanese style omelet!
Mr. Tsukamoto and Mr. Ono are talking eagerly on the latest Internet environment in the US and Japan by exchanging the words like ADSL, broadband, and Giga-byte.
We came across with Mr. Kentarou Nakaya (second right), president of this Kamenoi Besso Hotel, in the restaurant.

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We enjoyed the dessert in outdoor. Thick green shadow makes us very happy. I think this is the best season of the year.
Mr. Ono is happy with a beautiful cup of cooled Zenzai jelly.
I took Kuzukiri jelly. Mr. Ono takes a picture of it.
Time passes so quickly in the quiet afternoon. The president, Mr. Ono, is always busy; he has to return to Oita for another work. Thank you very much Mr. Ono for sparing his precious time for us.

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