May 20, 2001: Mr. Nakaya's SP record collection
Some people gaze in Mr. Nakaya's treasured collection of SP record and a phonograph.
After seeing off Mr. Ono, we came back to the Hotel and came across with Mr. Nakaya by chance. He kindly told us to enjoy his treasured SP record.

The treasured old phonograph has a large trumpet like this. ;
The common conversation room offers a rich time to the guest with an old fireplace. We enjoyed classical SP records together with Mr. Nakaya's old friends Mr. Tanaka and others.
Mr. Nakaya demonstrated us how to use a special "bamboo needle" for the record.

The bamboo needle is sharpened by a special cutter.

Then it is mounted on the holder. Click the picture to see the detailed needle.

The neck is then carefully set down on the rotating SP disk.
Sweet dear old melody flows out of the large trumpet, old love songs and Fled Astaire's song have revived in the room.

Mr. Nakaya interprets the melody of "His master's voice."
Beautiful thick green outside and wonderful classical sound make us really happy.

Mr. Nakaya, thank you very much, indeed.
We walked around the town. Rice paddies are already planted with rice seedlings.
Don't miss to enjoy spa here in Oita. We visited Sansuikan Hotel.
I took a picture of Mt. Yufu from the bathing pool.
In a "beating bath" room were bags packed with rose petals.

We have had many pleasant events today in Yufuin.

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