May 14, 2001: Cooking oven repaired
After the heavy use of the oven nearly ten years, it went wrong at last week. When I tried to bake bread, I found something strange on the oven; the fire stopped after a while before I know and the lamps on the touch panel are flickering meaninglessly. I call at the maker for diagnosis and repair if necessary.
The repairmen showed up today by two saying, the part was got at hand today.

The parts to be replaced are a large rotating motor and a small panel for rotor switch.
First, the vinyl sheet was spread and the bolts were removed from the oven.
Two strong men were required to pull out the heavy oven from the kitchen counter.
The large hollow contained a lot of dust telling the history of ten years' use. I cleaned it up in a good timing.
The checking of the motor in the bottom showed that only the rotor controller switch was out of order. The tiny part was replaced. I was relieved to know that the motor itself was OK.
The replaced switch worked well and the motor started to move, wow!
The motor is OK and can be used much longer, the repairmen said.

They set back the oven under the kitchen. "It is very heavy, so we are here in two", they wiped off sweat on the foreheads.
The control panel was carefully checked and time was reset. The repair was over successfully.

I was really delighted because my dear oven came back in use again. I can now enjoy making bread and cookie as before.

The cost: 1,100 yen for the replaced part, 4,500 yen for work, and 1,900 yen for visit expenses, making 7,875 yen in total including tax.
Well let's make a test run. What will be made from eggs, milk, and butter in the refrigerator? The answer is sponge cake. The oven worked very well and made a beautifully browned cake like this.

I was so delighted, but the shape of the cake has already changed before we knew.

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