April 28, 2001: Welcome party for Ahn
After Aso drive, we had a welcome party in the evening at the beer hall in Toyo Hotel.

From left, Ken, Suyama, Ahn, Mie, Mori, and Matsumura .
In 1999, some members today visited Seoul, Korea and were welcomed by Mr. Ahn who helped us very much. Mr. Mori, the tour leader then proposes a toast, from left, Mori, Matsumura, and Miyase.
Mrs. Nakamura who joined the tour to Seoul came this evening with her two kids. Her husband is too busy to join us this time.
Mr. Ahn introduced us an unusual Korean spirits called "One hundred years old."
Ahn explained the origin of the spirits that keeps people young.

The red-colored spirits contains many kinds of herb including Korean Ginseng. I tried it a little as well. The taste was sweet and good.
Mr. Yuuki joined us later. He has been working until now.
The beer hall opened yesterday this year. The weather today is a little bit cold. We could enjoy smorgasbord style foods and various kinds of drinks.

A cooker demonstrates making fried noodle like this or wonderful roast beef.
Many pieces of cake make Ms. Gotoh and me happy.

Well, night goes on. We took a we-were-there-picture in the lobby.
See you again, Mr. Ahn, in Seoul next time.

April 29 : Good-bye Mr.Ahn

Tonight, we enjoyed a small dinner with the Miyases.
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