April 28, 2001: Welcome Mr. Ahn from Korea
A big consecutive holiday started today until May 6. My husband headed early in the morning for backpacking together with his senior friends.
I am scheduled to join the welcome drive to Mt. Aso for Mr. Ahn Byubg Yong who stays in Mr. Miyase's home.

Mr. Miyase sits at the wheel for Aso. Just 20 minutes drive from home takes us into the hillsides still in the early spring color. Yellow rape flowers are everywhere in Nagayu district.
We first visited my friend's log house . Mr. Ahn and Miyase were moved to see the log-house surrounded with bushes just started to sprout out. We signed on the visitors' book and looked around the house. From left, Mr. Ahn, Mr. Miyase, and me. Mrs.Yamada welcomed us (left, on the right picture.)
The rabbit house is filled with 52 rabbits, starting from just a pair.
We said thank you to Yamada and headed to Mt. Aso through a driveway in the green field

From this Grand Viewpoint, we can see the rice fields and villages under, but the wind is too strong and cold to enjoy the landscape without hurry.

We then climbed up to the top of Volcano Aso. On the ridge of the mountain is an emergency shelter in the rain.
The crater holds a boiling pond spewing massive steam out of its surface. Sulfuric gas stimulates our noses. The wind is so strong as well. After a long time, I re-visited the volcano.
Rain started to fall with strong wind that won't allow holding the umbrella. Most visitors quickly left the crater.
Natural sulfur crystal is good for atopic dermatitis or skin diseases. Hangul explanation helps Ahn understand the effectiveness.

I hear Hangul conversation around me. Many Koreans look like to visit the volcano.
Mist flows densely. Mr. Ahn looks like cold in front of a massive shelter.
There are seven craters on Mt. Aso. One of them looms out of the fog, showing an eerie shape of the rocky cliff.
The scene matches well with the appearance of dinosaurs.
We soon fled away from the coldness of the volcano. We took simple lunch at the rest house in Kusa-Senri parking area. We revived at last.

The rest house sits still in winter.
Mr. Ahn found a good souvenir at the shop. A bottle of Kuma clear liquor distilled from sweet potatoes will be a good souvenir to his father.
On our way down to the valley, a small elegant volcanic mound called Komezuka is visible on the right in the grass field.
We arrived Kujyu town and entered a tearoom Goethe run by Mr. & Mrs. Satou, Mr. Miyase's friends.
The tearoom features its tasty cake made by Mrs. Karin Satou, a German frau. The cake is slightly sweet and thick. We ordered three kinds of cake.

From left, fruit, Aduki beans mousse, and nut cake.
The roaster makes good flavored coffee.
Lovely handcrafts by Mrs. Satou decorate the table.
Mr. Satou asked Mr. Miyase and Mr. Ahn to check his computer on the room corner. The powerful computer engineers quickly fixed it. Mr. Satou said he wanted to exchange E-mails with his son in Germany.
Mr. Ahn is the CEO of "CIGA Communications" in Korea. Mr. Miyase and I have been good friends more than ten years. Whenever we visit Korea, Mr. Ahn takes care of us. This time, Mr. Ahn came to Kyushu Island on business. He spared much pleasant time for us, however.
to be continued