2001.3.13- Again to my mother's home

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On March 13, the ferry arrived at Rokko Island pier of Kobe port as usual early in the morning


I soon headed to a hospital my mother is staying.
Various kinds of inspections require empty stomach. My mother looks like hard a little but rather better than I had feared.

As the Higan, or "The other side Day (spring equinox)" is nearing, my mother asked my elder sister and I to visit the graveyard of the dead father.

We took a late lunch at "Homeground of Somen noodle" on our way to the grave. The dishes, special hot noodle, were very tasty.

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After the lunch, we visited the grave.

We offered beautiful flowers and talked to him under the ground.

The weather has been colder until today, but it is very warm and crispy today.
We made up our mind to drive around before going back home.

We found a beautiful shop by the road.


Unfortunately, the shop was closed for lunch break. There were a large Hibachi (a Japanese heating appliance using charcoal as fuel) in the classical room that looked like to offer a good rest for us. We gave up and drove out.

We will keep mother's house tonight. We visited a supermarket nearby and found a special fish called Ikanago that brings the flavor of early spring Seto Inland Sea.

Large pieces are grilled and served with vinegary soy sauce, and smaller pieces are dipped in sweet vinegar to eat. We loved them since our childhood. We enjoyed chatting late into the night and went to Futon beds set side by side.