February 27, 2001: Blackout!
When I was making a web page for March, I heard a strange sound and my PC screen went black. What happened? I turned to my husband and found his PC was also blackened. I soon checked all the electricity in the home by turning on the lights. A half part of the house didn't answered me.

I called up Kyushu Power Co., Ltd for emergency help. A large ambulance like this dashed in.
An engineer tested the leakage breaker only to find no response. He cut off all the breakers and dashed out.
He got on a large repair box and lifted himself to the top of an electric pole.
The repair car is hoisted by large hydraulic cylinders like this.
The repair box neared the wiring at the top of the pole for checking the electrical fuse that flows the electric power into my house.
In the beauty of the sunset, the deteriorated safety fuse was replaced.
When I put on the breaker on the wall, all the light lit brilliantly and PCs started to boot and disk scanning began. I was really relieved.

I was lucky that the power came back before dark. Thank you quick response, Kyushu Power!

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