February 10, 2001: Floor repair
My house was built 26 years ago. The floor of the main living room has been deteriorating quickly since last year. This time, we ventured to repair it.

On February 6, carpenters started the repair work.
In the living room are a large bookshelf, a personal computer rack, and a counter table. The heavy furniture requires hard works to shift.
The carpenters took out the furniture briskly before peeling off the floor carpet.
The damaged part of the old floor is cut out and removed.
The old carpeted room will be floored with new boards.
In the evening the work was over. The empty room is very spacious, indeed.

Here the furniture will be returned with the new arrangement of the bookshelf and the counter table for a change.
After the dinner, my husband re-connected the personal computer. I can now enjoy the Internet.
I put a mini-Hina dolls presented from my friend on the mini-audio set. The dolls suddenly brought spring into my room.
On February 10, we invited Miyase family for a home party given in announcement of the new room. We always thank to Mr. Miyase for maintaining our personal computers.

In commemoration of the room renewal, I bought a pod of Jasmine and put it on the floor.
In the evening, Miyase family came in. They helped me in preparing the cooking and we all enjoyed the dinner.

As the home party was so pleasant, I was just about to forget taking pictures.
We moved to the counter table and continued pleasant chatting. The menu tonight was Italian oriented dishes such as pepper steak, basil spaghetti, and pizza.
The wine presented from Miyase as a celebration was very good as well.
Mr. Miyase kindly re-wired the mini-audio using a soldering iron. The wire is now fixed along the ceiling crosspieces so as not to stand out. He also adjusted the speakers in the best position. I was very much delighted.
Thanks to him, I can now enjoy good sounds and the room has become really comfortable.

Thank you very much Miyase families.

Mie Home