January 28, 2001: New year party of Yufuin Music Festival
One of my close friends in Yufuin called me saying, "It has already turned to snow here in Yufuin valley." We headed there to join the New Year party of Yufuin Music Festival (YMF) for the 27th performance to be held in coming summer.

The sky of Oita is heavy and raining.
The party will be held here Hananoki restaurant. In the gallery on the second floor, The master of the restaurant and a cook are working hard for preparation of the foods.
Appetizing and colorful dishes are on the table together with beer and wine.
Not only good foods but also beautiful tableware fascinated me. Marinated salmon fillets are decorated nicely on the salmon-shaped plate.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, general secretariat of YMF, made a few words in the beginning. He also outlined to the 27th YMF program.

Mr. Kunpei Mizoguchi, the representative of YMF, proposed a toast saying, "I hope the 27th YMF will be held thanks to your cooperation as usual."
Pleasant chatting circles bloom here and there. Tasty dishes and drinks fill the empty stomachs of the attendants.
Wonderful presents were given from YMF to those who have had good things after the last YMF until today.

Keita Fuchino (right) and Naoe Fuchino (second right) got married last September. Ms. Hori, second from left, will have a delivery in coming March.
Each attendant presents a short report. Mr. Mizoguchi introduced his trip to Cambodia together with Governor Hiramatsu. He brought back hot topics from there the day before yesterday.
Ms. Makiko Kato introduced her psychotherapy research in Oita Medical College.
Miss Kadoya will return to Kanazawa two months later after two years' training at a hotel in Yufuin.

All the people introduced recent topics respectively.
The restaurant is called "Tearoom Gallery Kitayama" featuring wonderful artworks of sculptures and paintings. A large beautiful antique glass divides the hall and the tea corner.
The pleasant party was over before I knew. I found my car is covered with snow.
My husband gave me a mini-snowman. On the right is Ms. Kibe with whom I work in YFM.
Hananoki street has turned to illusionally scene with snow-covered trees. The snow still continues to fall.

Mr. Satou, a steering committee of YMF, suggested me to stay here in Yufuin tonight. He recommended a nice hotel.
The second party is usually held here "Ing Bar." The master of the Bar, Mr. Ohtani, is one of the staff of YMF. After enjoying chatting over drinks, Mr. Sato kindly sent us to the hotel.

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