January 14, 2001: The first snow fall
On January 13, TV repeats that the strongest cold wave will attack all Japan including otherwise mild Kyushu Island from this evening .

Tutankhamen Peain my garden needs a shield tonight, my husband said and put a vinyl cover on it.
This morning, I found the first snow accumulation in my garden as TV said yesterday.
The black soil of the kitchen garden is slightly covered with snow.
I asked the thermometer to record the temperature on the terrace, and I found minus two degrees C this morning. It makes me quivering just by looking the dial.

Backyard pass and mini ground of the kindergarten are covered with thin snow.
But when I look down carefully my garden, I found lovely fragrant pansy and the buds of tulip sprout up quietly in the cold wind, telling the subtle signs of spring to come.

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