January 11, 2001: Haiku club's New Year party
I have been a member of a Haiku club in our community Fujimigaoka more than four years. Composing Haiku is deep and hard to compose. It is also pleasant for all generations and it widens our sight of seeing things. I enjoy it.

Today, we have the first composing meeting in the New Millennium. Mr. Shounan Akiyama (left) is our teacher. He made a few words in the beginning.
Each of us has been composing Haiku during this winter holidays. Today, we wrote ten of them down anonymously on the strips of fancy paper respectively.

The strips are then mixed thoroughly so as not to be identified and distributed to the attendants.
Eleven attendants today copy the distributed stripes. I also did it carefully on a sheet of paper.
The sheets are circulated among the attendants who will pick their favorite Haikus up accordingly.

Who has composed this Haiku? Well I hope I can compose such a beautiful one, oh, I see this is another feeling.
Each attendant selects seven Haikus respectively. An attendant on duty reads them out one after another. The attendants whose Haiku was selected responds in a loud voice. It is delightful when my Haiku is read out. If my Haiku is selected by the teacher, it is much more moving. Today, my two Haikus were selected as follows:
"Mustard flower bloom out in the mini-kitchen garden I borrow."
I count down the remaining days of the year by walking the inside of Buddha Statue."
The teacher gives some comments on the selected Haikus. After the teacher's review, New Year party started. We toasted by saying "Let's us compose good Haikus this year as well." Then we enjoyed tasty lunch box. I made up my mind to compose Haiku in the sense of keeping a diary and watching things carefully.

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