January 5: Good-bye Lillian;   by Mie

The pleasant days with Lillian have passed so quickly. She assembled her belongings last night and visited her new friends in Oita. She first visited a home she spent a good time on the first day of the New Year. She brought a cookie bag she baked by herself yesterday.
She sent her big luggage back to Tokyo through an express delivery service. We then dropped in a turn-dish-sushi-bar run by one of my friends for lunch; this was because Lillian said she frequently ate sushi in Tokyo. Lillian was eager to learn the local name of fish fillet on the hand-rolled sushi.

As we had ample time until the departure of the train, we next dropped "Nanban Glass Museum." I wanted to see the Museum because I had once been involved in the opening days. Lillian was very delighted to see many beautiful music boxes displayed.
Then we turned to COARA office to say good-bye to Miss Sugi or Miss Kusamoto with whom Lillian met on a countdown party.
We were busy today: we then saw a monument of St. Francis Xavier in front of Oita Prefectural Office. This was because Mr. Francis Britto, an Associate Professor at Sophia University in Tokyo kindly contacted me through the web and talked about the Saint. He maintains a Saint-related website.
In the Promnade Park, the decorative light bulbs that illuminated the New Year nights beautifully were being removed.
The last stop was on Mr. Matsumura's office - one of our closest friends. As he learned that Lillian was from Hong Kong, he said he loved so much the place that he wanted to live in.
We finally arrived Oita railroad station. The time has come at last. "Thank you very much Mr. Nagano, I have had a good time." Lillian waved her hand and left with her knapsack on the back.

I saw her off at the platform. Limited express Fuji was ready to depart. "I want to visit Oita again", "You are always welcome here, and have a good trip." I waved and called "Good-bye." I expect her future, who learned a home stay here. I wish she remembers Japan, Oita, and us for a long.

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