January 4: Cookie making,    by Mie
Miss Lillian has been homestaying in my ouse since 26th last month. She will leave tomorrow at last. Today, we will bak cookies for souvenir to Lillian's friends. The cookie is "Icebox cookkie", easy to bake.

Precise measurement of the ingredients is the key to make tasty cookies. Butter should be kneaded throughly with sugar.
We prepare two kinds of dough, one is white, the other is brown including cocoa powder. The two doughs are crossed each other to make marblr dough bars. The bars are wrapped and matured in the refregerator.

The dough bars become hard after a while. They are thinly sliced in various shape and put side by side on a pan. After baking in the oven of 170 C for 15 minutes, the cookies are well browned and taken out of the oven.
Well, good-flavored tasty cookies are baked up.
Lillian shared a part of her souvenir cookies for the tea time.
She neatly prepare cookie bags for her friends in her dormitory and other friends.
Lillian is happy with so many wonderful original cookies. She hopes her friends will love them.
She will go back to Tokyo by JR train tomorrow. We exchanged a message card on which a picture we three took on the first day was attached. We have talked much until late night.

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