January 3: Visited Beppu with Lillian:  by Mie

Lillian will leave in three days, I feel very lonely. As I hoped that she would know much about on Oita, we drove out to Beppu City. First we visited Myoubann spa and saw how to produce Yunohana, or "essence of hot spring." Then we enjoyed an outdoor hot spring, which is muddy a little in white.

Next we drove up to Juumonji-baru observation platform to view the grand scene of Beppu City and a newborn university Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University that will open in coming April. The campus was so large. We visited the main gate. Lillian said she saw an application form of the university in Tokyo.
We took lunch in a Chinese restaurant of Beppu Bay Royal Hotel. There were so many choices of the dish on the menu. Lillian took a picture in front of a mask classical Chinese opera.
She and my husband took a hot Chinese noodle of sliced beef respectively. I ordered a Chinese noodle of shark's fin soup. Lillian added Chinese chili oil, saying noodles are much more hot in Hong Kong.


Even on the third day of the New Year, young surfers were enjoying the wind and wave on the sunny warm sea. Lillian and my husband challenged "sand hot spring bathing", an unusual spa of Beppu. Lillian new it on TV before, but she tried it for the first time. She looks very comfortable in the sand.
When we returned home after a pleasant tour to Beppu, Mr. Yuuki, one of our best friends, was waiting for us for a New Year greeting.

As he met Lillian in the countdown party last year-end, we could soon relaxed and had a pleasant dinner together.
Today's menu was "Dango-jiru", a special food here in Oita. Lillian tries kneading and stretching the ingredient. Finally, the wonderful dish completed. We have had a good time by chatting or enjoying the Internet.

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