April 28-30: Tokyo
April 28: In the evening, we landed Narita in safe. Customs passed us through very smoothly. We stay tonight at a hotel in Narita airport area. We had left Japan when cherry blossom started to bloom and returned Japan welcomed by beautiful azalea blooming in early summer. It is strange to say that I crossed the globe from autumn in Australia to early summer in Japan.

Through the window, I see so many huge planes parking at arm's length.
I took a dinner of cooked rice and soybean soup in the hotel. Yes, it was a taste of Japan.
April 29: In the morning, we once returned to the airport by a shuttle bus and caught a Keisei train to Tokyo.
Before entering the gate to the airport terminal, police got on the shuttle bus asking to show passport or other identification documents. As I had been relaxed after returning Japan yesterday, I was surprised a little. As the Summit in Okinawa in July is closing, the airport is heavily policed. On the first day of Golden Week, the departure lobby was heavily crowded with passengers of families and others.

I visited Tokyo Forum built on the site after the Metropolitan Office. The building features its magnificent glass structure.

Here, I met Mrs. Mayumi with whom I had confirmed the E-mail time and place to meet. She is the wife of Mr. Don who extended kindness over us together with his families whom we had visited Arizona in 1998. Mayumi has been staying her mother's home with her lovely girl of one and a half years old. I met the cute girl for the first time and spent nice hours at Royal Palace Garden.
Mayumi will soon go back to USA with the daughter. Have a nice trip, and see you again!

After seeing Mayumi off at Tokyo station, we headed to my son's house. Ken soon talks pleasantly with the son over a map of Australia.
Mrs. Yasuyo, our daughter-in-law, kindly prepared her hearty dishes of breaded pork cutlet, bean salad, and stewed bamboo shoot for dinner. We popped open a bottle of champagne to cerebrate our safety return.

All the dishes were great; they made me feel that I returned Japan.

April 30: We took a we-were-there-picture. The young couple said they were enjoying tennis everyday and were going to lodge together after tomorrow. I am very happy to know that they are going very well.
On the way to Haneda airport, they took us to somewhere trendy in Tokyo by crossing an over bridge of Tokyo Bay.
We came up to Odaiba Park, one of hot spots in Tokyo. A high a Ferris wheel rotates slowly in the sky.
An artificial rape blossoms garden makes a good contrast with the skyscrapers of Tokyo.

We entered crowded mall with such an unusual atmosphere, a theme mall for female Venus Fort. Italian air was everywhere. The blue sky is painted on the ceiling. Some statues are arranged in the squares according their themes. An attendant crew in Italian costume light-heartedly took a picture for us.
As the main theme of the mall is "For female", there are many pretty shops of fashion and gourmet. My son bought a bottle of wine. We enjoyed a simple dinner at an Italian restaurant.
Our flight will depart soon. They took us to Haneda airport all the way. We will resume our life in Oita. We shook hands with the young couple saying let's go well with each other. It was very nice to be welcomed first after a long travel to Australia. (The end. Thank you for your reading.)

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