April 25: Glenelg
As we had much time after seeing Anzac march, we decided to visit Glenelg by tram. The town is an old port located in the end of the tramline.

As we bought dayticket in the morning when we got on a bus to the City, we can use the same ticket to board on a tram. The dayticket fare is mere 5.40 A$, allowing limitless use on Metro traffics within 24 hours.

The tram runs more than 70 years. The interior reflects the history of the tram. Tram wooden window can be opened and closed manually by pulling down or up a leather belt. The leather belt has some holes to for fixing the window by hooking the belt on a pin of the window framework. The picture (left) shows the window "open" position. I tried to close the window, but it was too heavy for me. The body of the tram is made of wood and holding leathers hanging down from the ceiling have a nostalgic air as well.
The tram run for about 30 minutes from the Victoria Center in the City and arrived at Glenelg terminal. The rail ends here like this.

On the both side of the tramline are many shops filled with sightseeing visitors.
Glenelg had once thrived as an important port to transport goods to Adelaide. Today, the town flourishes as a marina resort with a beautiful beach. This is the jetty square. On the back is a monument and tram station.
The long jetty is always crowded with visitors, holiday anglers, and idlers watching them. In old days, goods had been unloaded from boats to trains here and transported to Adelaide City.
We quenched thirst at a bar facing the beach. The bar is crowded with many people. When we were enjoying cool beer, one guy talked at us familiarly.
"My roots are in Italy, I have been moved and lived here and there on business until today, but this town is the best place to live", he looked back his wife and a lovely baby a carriage and smiled. Such an encounter with people in a strange town is another joy of travel.
Many people enjoying a street performer in the square. We enjoyed Glenelg by window-shopping or walking on the white sand of the beach. We went back once to Adelaide by the tram and then returned the hotel by bus.

April 26: Today is the last day in Adelaide. Our travel in Australia is approaching to the end. We will fly back to Sydney tomorrow then to Tokyo. I am reluctant to leave this beautiful West Lakes. We enjoyed the last breakfast in relax.

As we felt we might have missed something to see in Glenelg, we again headed there. The long Easter holiday was over yesterday and bus returned to the normal schedule. Today, we went to Glenelg directly from West Lakes. We dropped off the bus at a stop just in front of a sailboat. The boat is a replica of Buffalo.

On December 28, 1836, free immigrants (269 in number) led by Hand Matthew arrived at port Glenelg by Buffalo. The day became the State Foundation Day of South Australia. Today, Glenelg is under heavy construction of re-development.
We passed through the construction sites and came up to the beach we came yesterday. We took a tasty pizza by looking the beach.

There is a large lawn park along the beach. The town hall (far center) was also under repair. The high building on the right is Stamford Hotel. Stamford built the famous Ruffles Hotel in Singapore and came to Glenelg to build this Hotel. The hotel is very luxurious with its open-to-the-beach bar at the ground level.

In the park is unusual iron stabile, offering a good play spot of the kids. On the whit sand of the beach are some people basking in the sun, and playing children at the water's edge. We also tried to dip our legs into the water. It was cold enough to surprise us.
We became very fond of the suburbs of Adelaide. As we thought we could see much more good places, we made a stopover on the way back home. We looked around two facilities for long-term staying.

This is one of them, a cabin village. There are a pool, BBQ corners, and other facilities necessary for long-term stay.
We came back to West Lakes Mall bus terminal. In this time travel, we first planed to get a rental car, but we didn't. This is why we used Metro bus so frequently. Once we understand the service system, bus is much more convenient than we had anticipated.

Sometimes we were anxious if we got on a right bus, but drivers were so kind and it was so pleasant to look around the town together with local passengers.

In the hotel room, we assembled our belongings.