April 24, 2000: West Lake boat cruise

By opening the curtain in the morning, we see some canoes sliding on the mirror-like surface of the lake. On the right of this picture is a boathouse to which many people join for training as well as enjoy canoeing from early in the morning. Some people have their own canoes or kayaks.
Today, we tried a pool in the hotel. The pool is said to be a warm pool, but it was actually too cold to get in. This is probably because the hotel saves energy, as there is almost no guest to enjoy the pool in a weekday morning. We had no choice but to bath in a warm whirlpool attached to the main pool.

We tried some exercise machine like bicycle or running slope, but the air in the room was too cold to enjoy a leisurely time. We have soon given up.
We booked a lunch cruise yesterday. It sails off from a nearby pier.
A sightseeing coach brought-in many elders to join the lunch cruise. The seats were soon filled up.

The boat sailed out. It is an interesting view to see the landscape from the water level. The boat sails around West Lakes. Many beautiful houses (right) on the waterfront caused the sighs from the passengers on the boat. Our room is on the top level of the hotel (left.)
After taking drink order, we were served with big sandwiches, dessert, and coffee. I enjoyed all of them.
Two-hour cruise was very pleasant. I have had a nice day today.