April 23: Beautiful West Lakes
Today is Easter Sunday. Almost all shops are closed. We took out lunches of hamburger and fried potato from McDonald and ate them on the terrace of the room. On the potato cup is a logo, "Succeed in Sydney Olympic 2000!"

Today, a football game will be held in the nearby stadium. Many people make long queues on the gates. We also went to the stadium to look around the fever. TV stations came in with large outside broadcast vans and already shouting something even before the open of the game. All the parking lots are filled with car.
Ticketing office is far behind the long queue. We first tried to see the game, but the long line made us give up. The game will be held between two local teams, Adelaide Crown and Port Adelaide.

Polo shirts, mufflers, dolls, and banners of the favorite team are everywhere. On way back home, some cars run through the mufflers flowing from the car wind. It was very funny for me.
Mention the word a newspaper; I remember a wedding ceremony held yesterday, just when we arrived, at the hotel terrace facing on the beach. The pictures of some new couples were introduced on the paper.

For a local small paper, wedding ceremony is a good source, I thought.

The families of the new couple seem to stay the next room; lovely children in cute costume were running around the hotel.

Completely different from gloomy Alice Springs, it is really a beautiful day today. We decided to walk around the West Lake. A nice promenade encircles the Lake, occasionary interrupted by private beaches. We have to take a detour there. All the houses facing the Lakes are so beautiful designed to enjoy water. They make me heave a sigh.
We walked down to the south end of the Lake. The Lake used to be a swamp surrounded with sand dunes. It was dredged to make a clear lake. The Lake is actually an arm of the sea.

There are many waterfowls on the lake. What is unusual in particular is a large pelican. In the morning and in the evening, two pelicans are flying quietly in pair. They must be the guardians of the Lake. This is the first time for me to watch a wild pelican so closely. It doesn't fly away when I approach it. The size is much larger than I had thought before. A long cloth-like beak and round yellow eyes are something like just a stuffed toy. The pelican sits still closely to a holiday angler expecting sharing of the catch.
On the floating pier is a sea cormorant on the edge. Seagulls are everywhere. In the water is a thick school of fish.

People enjoy wind surfing, canoeing, and kayaking. Anglers are everywhere on the beach under permission.
Walking around a long way along the Lake promenade, we came up to the opposite shore from which our hotel is visible beautifully with its red roof reflecting on the blue water.

From the terrace of our room, we can see sand dunes on the other side of the Lake and the Pacific Ocean behind the dunes. As we have been thinking to go over the dune once and see what was behind it, we crossed the residential areas and a road to reach the top of a dune. We found notices and long fences to protect the nature of the dune including various flora and fauna. White sand and blue sea was stretching as far as the eye can reach. We were very impressed by the beauty of the beach.
I have walked my legs off today, how long the distance was around the Lake?

A cup of beer on the terrace after the shower, and grand view of the beautiful sunset took away my tiredness completely. When I look the beauty of a flaming sunset, following deep blue dusk, and starting the twinkle of the stars one by one, I can hardly realize that I am here in Australia now.