April 16: Port Adelaide
Today is Sunday. The shuttle bus service of the Caravan Park is closed and West Lakes Mall shopping center is off business as well. As it was hard to stay in the cabin on a beautiful day like this, we decided to explore the area nearby.

Three blocks away from the caravan Park is a bus stop. We got on a bus buying two "daytrip" tickets that are valid all day long. When we arrived at Port Adelaide, to which Mike guided us the other day, the passing shower has cleared up.
Once thriving port is now making effort in redevelopment. The Court House still retains its beautiful Victorian architecture (above, right.) In Fishermen's' Wharf (right), we have a flea market today crowded with many local people and tourists.

Antiques, books, jewels, and every possible item are sold with freely priced tags on them. On the right picture are so many lovely "hide-and-seek" dolls.
Today, we are in a pinch on money: we have just 23 A$ cash. There is no shop that accepts travelers' check or credit card. Although we have return bus ticket, we feel so helpless.
Only one 20 bill should be set aside for emergency, meaning we can buy lunch within 3 A$. People in queue buy large hotdogs, but we could only afford small simple bread. We were miserable this time.
On an old inlet rail are old carriages used for restaurants and souvenir shops. The restaurant features its antique atmosphere attended by a waitress in classic dress.
The old building was designed for the Customs, Police and Courts, now is used as Port Adelaide Visitor Information Center. Some elder volunteers were in service.

As we couldn't buy anything at the flea market, we get on a return bus empty-handed. The Metro bus stops at Ethelton railroad station on way back to West Lakes Mall. I saw a beautiful rainbow in the distance. The bus driver kindly taught us in detail how to get to the City.
This bus is a belt-line bus of route No.338, going round Port Adelaide and West Lakes Mall in which our first hotel in Adelaide is located.

All the shops are off today, but as a football game will be open, the parking lots are very crowded. Many spectators head to the stadium regardless occasional shower.
Frequent shower cooled down the temperature. I returned home to wear a sweater and will take another bus to the City. I can use the same dayticket I bought in the morning.

The bus stops quite often to pick passengers up to the City. As we were not sure at which stop we should get off, we followed some passengers. It was Adelaide railroad station.@The station is a magnificent building. We stepped in the concourse, but as all the shops were closed today, we felt something uneasy.
North Terrace Street, to which the station faces, has a very refined atmosphere. Along the street are Adelaide University, South Australia Museum, and Art Gallery of South Australia.

We visited a Japanese restaurant Himeji in North Adelaide hoping to meet my friend's friend. Unfortunately, as he works on weekend only, we couldn't see him. We could, however, enjoy Japanese food for the first time we arrived Australia. The sushi dish using local ingredients was very delicious. Here, I paid by travelers check to make cash in exchange, and asked a taxi that would accept credit card. I was relieved a little.