April 13: Caravan park life
We have started our simple life here in Caravan Park at Semaphore beach. It is located not far from Mike's home.
Just behind the administration office is our cabin, which Mike kindly booked for us.
We returned from Barossa Valley and came to this cabin directly.

Looking from outside, the cabin seems to be a rectangular box, but the inside is very conveniently designed. In the kitchen, all necessary cooking tools are ready for use, such as large refrigerator, grill, microwave, toaster, and even tableware. Next to the kitchen are a dinning table and a sofa in the living room.
In the center of the cabin is a sleeping room with a large king-size bed covered with clean shirt. In the end of the cabin is bathroom. I was admired its convenient design. The rate is mere 65 A$ per day per cabin.
In commemoration of a new life here, we toasted with beer. Thank you very much Mike and Dorothy.
The torrential rain gave its way to a clear beautiful morning. We dashed to the beach in refreshing air.

We walked barefoot on the beautiful lawn of the park and white sand of the beach. Wide opened Pacific Ocean and pure white beach stretching as far as eye can reach give me a strange sense. A stroller kindly took a picture for us.

Mysterious patterns on the sand, yes, they are footprint of horse riding. People carry their horse up to beach using such carriage like this up to the entrance of the beach. There were some horse riders on the beach; young and middle aged wonderful couples, trotting pleasantly on the morning beach. How I envy them!
The Caravan Park looks like this. Some tow large cabins and park them beside cabins, other families just drive up by ordinary cars and live in cabins.

This is a utility stand of electricity, gas, and water. They are connectable to the joints of caravans, promising the start of comfortable life.
The large gas cylinder holds 440 Kg of LPG, distributing the gas to utility stands and cabins. I stand by a large rainwater tank.

The laundry house is equipped with coin-driven washers and dryers. Garbage containers are properly arranged in the park. Other facilities in the park are: pool, playing field, and shuttle bus service to West Lakes Mall. All of them offer a comfortable life in the park. The cleaning and bed making are also available everyday on demand. What our life will be here?