April 12: Adelaide Hills (Hahndorf)
We joined an overnight package tour to Adelaide Hills from the bus terminal in the City. Mr. Mike kindly arranged this tour in advance by hearing to our option.

The first spot was a jam factory.
Behind the neatly arranged show room, sour-sweet appetizing smell flows out. Large pots were boiling down various kinds of jams.
Next stop was Harndorf, a German village.

We enjoyed a high tea in this restaurant. Now there's a real Australian travel agent for incorporating such a break time into schedule.
The shop mainly sells jam and many other lovely souvenirs. We were served with muffin and tea. A couple that shared the table said, "The muffin is really tasty." I learned them and put various kinds of jam on the muffin and enjoyed them.

German settlers founded the village. The streets and township are of German style. The roadside trees have already turned to autumn tints and many restaurants and souvenir shops are on both side of the street. Just looking around gives me satisfaction.
We stay in this beautiful Harndorf tonight. The room was equipped with as many as three large beds.

Other tourists on the same bus stay their favorite hotels, however. Such a style of a package tour was interesting for me. (As all the tourists stay in the same hotel in case of Japanese package tour.)
We enjoyed buffet dinner in a large restaurant of the hotel together with many visitors. We took a bottle of wine - yes, recommended white wine of Barossa Valley.

The drizzle since last night was cleared up beautifully in the morning. In the courtyard of the hotel was a huge maple tree shinning gold. Under the tree was an old wagon probably used in the early settlement.
We walked down to the end of the street. There were many sheep in a pasture.
I found a "Fairy shop" in which they make and sell only clay figurines of various shaped fairies.

An old church was now turned to a museum in which a lot of tools and old photographs were displayed.
The street is really beautiful, making me realize autumn.
The pick-up sightseeing bus was 30 minutes behind time. Everything goes big-hearted.

The first drop of the day was a chocolate factory.

The factory is busy for Easter Holidays sale. Chocolate making machines are running without stop releasing sweet aroma. Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits were everywhere in the shop. (Continued)