April 12: Walking around Adelaide

A view from the hotel window: red roofs of the entrance hall of the hotel, West Lakes Mall building complex beyond the street, and a football stadium with tall illumination towers behind the Mall. Car parking lot is still near empty early in the morning.
I took breakfast in the hotel this morning. Just outside of the dinning room is an arm of the sea called "Lake."

After breakfast, I walked down to the promenade along the Lake shore. Canoes paddle swiftly like whirligig beetles. The promenade offers good place for strolling, jogging, and walking dog. Our room is on the fourth floor of the hotel.
I dropped off the room key into the hotel counter and went out for explore Adelaide. Four clocks are on the front wall indicating local times, from left, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, and Greenwich Mean Time.

After elaborate check of the bus route and timetable, we got on a bus from West Lakes Mall to the City. Government of South Australia runs the Metro Bus System and Tram covering wide area of Adelaide. I was relieved and delighted when we arrived the City without trouble. On the left is Central Post office with a beautiful clock tower, and on the right is the Town Hall built in 1866 featuring its beautiful Renaissance architecture.
We first visited Information Center to collect information on the bus route. There are many route maps and timetables, and the persons in charge of guide patiently help the visitors by giving proper advice.
Then we visited a shopping mall nearby. Every shop decorates the room so beautifully that even just looking is very satisfactory.

Victoria Square is the center of the City. An interesting shaped fountain is one of the specialties of the City. Behind the fountain is Central Post office and Santos Building- the highest building in the City.
We visited a travel agent with a city map in one hand. This is the headquarters of SeaLink. We booked Kangaroo Island tour through this office using Internet. Ms. Sharon and Ms. Blanche welcomed us in smile. It is really interesting to know that when I wrote an E-mail from my room in Oita, it immediately arrived at this office.

As we got so hungry and tired, we caught a tram. A stout conductor with marvelous beard asked me hesitatingly "Are you sure to buy one-way tickets of 1.6A$ for just one span?" and gave me two tickets. The ticket is valid for two hours for whole span of the tram or bus route.
This is the terminal of the tram. The tram makes me feel a sense of nostalgia.

The statue of Queen Victoria welcomes passengers at the terminal in Victoria Square. We took simple lunch in a nearby restaurant.