April 11: West Lakes Mall
This is West Lakes Resort Hotel Mr. Mike kindly had booked for us.

When Mika returned home last night, he suggested that I shouldn't miss the sunrise, as it was so beautiful. So, I got up at 6:30 this morning and saw it. Behind the football stadium, the sun appeared brilliantly.
West Lakes is a resort area of beautiful shore and inlets. Many facilities are properly located in the area, including hotels, residential zone, boathouse, and others. Above all, there are a shopping center and a football stadium. I soon go out to explore the shopping center.

As the Easter is coming, a lot of Easter egg chocolates are piled up here and there.
As this area is on the coast, many kinds of fish were in the refrigerated showcases. All the marine products are neatly prepared including mouth-watering raw and cooked octopus or squid fish. The price was based on kilogram unit. I felt they are very cheap compared with Japanese fish.
This is a green stand. Large and beautiful green pepper, zucchini, tomato, grape, and orange all of them stimulate my appetite.
We took a breakfast in a cafeteria flanked with supermarkets and specialty stores in the shopping center. The time is still before 9 a.m., but many early shoppers are already strolling the arcade. By looking the traffic, we took breakfast of ham and eggs.