April 10: Adelaide

An hour and a half flight from Melbourne brought us to Adelaide, a small but friendly airport. After picking up our baggage, we were welcomed by the Hambidges, our Internet friends.

Soon we were invited to their house and walked out for nearby beach. White sand beach stretches as far as my eye can reach. The huge, open landscape of the sea and sky makes me realize anew that I am now actually in Australia.
His house is located in a beautiful beach resort villa. The Hambidge family, however, sells the house to his daughter's family and move to a caravan car. The Hambidge family is just about to start to live an easy life by moving around whole Australia with the caravan.

This is the first time for me to look through closely inside of a caravan. Everything is new for me: the interior of the bedroom is pale pink in color, toilet and shower room are in the same space. This is the kitchen equipped with ovens and other facilities. We were served with coffee and cake on the sofa.
My husband is confirming the schedule in Adelaide with Mr. Hambidge. Thank you Mr. Hambidge for all arrangements covering from hotel reservation to bus tour bookings

After a while, he sent us to the hotel. In the evening, we all enjoyed a pleasant dinner in the hotel.

The seaside resort hotel boasts of its delicious seafoods such as oyster and various kinds of fish.
Tonight is the last night for Mike and Dorothy to sleep in home. They told me much on the new life on the caravan.

"As the season is heading winter from now, we will drive up north to find warm places. In hot season, we will go down to the south for cool weather. We are not sure how long will it take from now, but we would like enjoy our second life." Their unflinching decision and way of life encouraged us very much.