April 9: Visit to Mr. Steve's home
Today's afternoon, Mr. Steve will invite us to his home. We are so delighted and excited in the hotel. As it was so hard to stay in the room on a beautiful day like this, we went out for a walk.
The hotel is surrounded so beautiful scenery like this. When we were taking pictures, a passing man kindly offered to push my camera for us. It was a nice encounter as well.

We again visited the Fitzroy Garden we went with Mr. Steve the day before yesterday. This is because we haven't seen the green house that he had strongly recommended not to miss it. Various kinds of begonia and other flowers filled the house with refreshing fragrance.
At 1 p.m. he promised to pick us up, he appeared in a sporty style completely changed from the other day's business suit. Yes, today is Sunday.

His home is located in a quiet residential area, one-hour drive to the east of the City.

He said he had baked a large cookie last night and some muffins this morning for us and showed them. Muffin is a commemorative food: he sent me a hand-written recipe of how to make muffin four years ago, and I published his recipe together with my illustrations on my homepage. We enjoyed his muffin on the spacious terrace.
All cakes were very tasty. He revealed the secret, saying he has learned his entire recipe from his grandmother.

After the tea, I helped him with washing the dishes in the well-designed kitchen.

He then takes me look around his wonderful house. His bookshelves are filled with many CDs and books. In the center of the bookshelf are many Japanese-related books. He eagerly volunteers to promote Japanese language education in his daughter's school. I found a picture of Japanese people who worked as Japanese teachers in the school. Beside the picture is the very book I sent him before, "A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival" written by Takeharu Terao.
Cosmos is in full bloom in his front garden.
The residential area makes good use of the slope. Thick green plants, red roofs of the elegant houses, and deep blue sky make a wonderful contrast in a sunny early autumn day. We enjoyed walking around his spacious front garden.

I first thought to have an afternoon tea, but he proposed to take a dinner. We then drove to a large shopping center to pick up his wife who works in a jewelry shop in the center. In the shop, I bought a wristwatch from Mrs. Elspeth at the shop. I have been looking for a nice watch since I arrived Australia.
Mr. Steven quickly prepared a dish he learned from his grandmother. He explained it was a sort of meat potato similar to "Niku-jaga" in Japan. The dish was really tasty.
Mrs. Elspeth's working time is frequently changed according to the schedule. This may be hard for her, but Mr. Steven supports her very well by doing much of the housekeeping. They make a good couple.

As Mr. Steven told me he commutes with a train to his office in the City, I hoped to get on the train back to the hotel. Then they kindly offered to escort us to the hotel all the way. I bought train ticket at the nearest station. The fare is of zone system indicated on the board on the right.
Many trains came in and went out, but our train hasn't come yet. I was relieved after all to be escorted by them.
At last, they sent us back to the hotel safely. We went up to the top lounge of the hotel and enjoyed tea. We don't know how to express our thanks to Mr. Steven who made round trips as often as twice on his precious Sunday and Mrs. Elspeth who entertained us after her hard work in daytime.
They make a nice couple, indeed. We have been talked much through the E-mail, but I hadn't expected to meet them by face-to-face like this time. I have had a very delightful day today.
Thank you both of you!